Loyalty FAQs

Khelplayrummy.com is one of the leading Rummy sites of India that values its customers by offering a special reward program known as ‘Loyalty Program’, which can be availed by cash players only. The main idea behind the Loyalty Program is to appreciate our players who have spent their valuable time at our website playing the game, thereby creating a wide network of good rummy players.

Any player who registers him/herself at Khelplayrummy.com and deposits real cash becomes the proud member of our Loyalty Program. The initial level of any cash player is ‘Bronze’ and as the player plays cash games and accumulates points his/her Loyalty Level increases, which means the more a player plays cash games his Loyalty Club Stature improves making him eligible for even better rewards!

A player earns the Loyalty Points by playing real cash Rummy games that are offered in our website. The type of Rummy games that Khelplayrummy.com offers at its website are: Points Rummy, 101 Pool, 201 Pool, Best of 2, Best of 3, and Best of 6. The criteria that is followed to calculate the Loyalty Points is given below:

  • In Pool and Best of Three Rummy –Loyalty Points Earned = Buy-In * Loyalty Percentage
  • In Points Rummy –Loyalty Points Earned = [(Winning Amount)/(Number of Players in that Game)]*Loyalty Percentage


  • The Loyalty Percentage (defined below) is directly proportional to the Loyalty Level of the player (see the table provided below).
  • Players do not accumulate any Loyalty Points for playing in any Rummy tournaments, be it freeroll or cash.
Loyalty Club Loyalty Points Required
Bronze Registration
Bronze to Silver First Deposit
Sliver to Gold 1,500
Gold to Diamond 7,500
Diamond to Platinum 15,000

As mentioned above, your Loyalty level is proportionate to the Loyalty points you have. The more Loyalty Points you have, the higher will be your Loyalty Level.

There are various benefits for a player who gets into the higher level. Moreover, there are some other benefits as well for players who are at the higher Loyalty Levels, for example a Platinum member earns loyalty points faster than a Silver member and hence is eligible for a faster release of Loyalty Points.

Loyalty Club Loyalty Percentage
Platinum 4%
Diamond 3%
Gold 2%
Silver NA

The Loyalty Points expire within 30days from the date on which they are awarded to the Players. The Loyalty Level of a user depends on the loyalty points earned by the player in past 30days. We also offer our players a grace period of extra 30 days in case player is not able to use up his points in the specified time.

In order to benefit from the Loyalty Program, players are advised to maintain only a single account with Khelplayrummy.com. Using multiple accounts to play at KhelPlay Rummy leads to distribution of loyalty points, which, in turn, hampers your progress to higher levels in the Loyalty Program.

Players are required to collect a minimum number of points known as ‘Maintenance Points’ to continue under a particular category. For Gold category, it is 1,275, for Diamond it is 6,375 and for platinum it is 12,750.

Loyalty points can be redeemed for merchandise or cash on KhelPlay Rummy website. There are plenty of KhelPlay Rummy merchandise to choose from such as Mugs, T-shirts, Caps, Leather Belts, Wallets, and many more. Merchandise offered through KhelPlay Rummy website are of the most superior quality - on par with those sold by reputed brands in the market.

Player should go to Loyalty Tab after from web portal, click on Loyalty points and then click on Redeem Now button. You can see buy merchandise and redeem cash options Select the quantity and click on buy now. We will receive the information and give you a call next day confirming your address after which you will receive products in next 15 days.

The minimum cash that can be redeemed is Rs.500, and maximum redeemable amount is Rs. 2000 per month. Player can redeem cash when they are in Platinum Club only.

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