General T&C of Loyalty Points |

General T&C of Loyalty Points

  • Redemption of Loyalty points can be done at any time, without any notice and without any liability to KhelPlay Rummy.
  • Structure and benefits of KhelPlay Rummy loyalty points can be changed, amended or completely removed as per discretion of KhelPlay Rummy management.
  • The Loyalty points of KhelPlay Rummy are only for its Loyalty program, and nothing else in website.
  • The Loyalty points will expire if not used inside its expiry date, KhelPlay Rummy can change the expiry dates of loyalty points at its discretion. The decision will be final and binding in this regard
  • Players may or may not be notified for any change in structure or benefits of loyalty points, and KhelPlay Rummy will be held liable.
  • Loyalty points are part of KhelPlay Rummy “Loyalty program”, an in-house, value addition feature exclusively for KhelPlay Rummy players.
  • KhelPlay Rummy has the sole right to offer/ withdraw any special items, features for a special set of players at its discretion. It also reserves the right to accept/decline a players request at any given time.
  • Loyalty Points once computed shall be final, conclusive and binding on player, and is not liable to be disputed.
  • Players cannot transfer any points to any other player or account.
  • Loyalty points are valid only for 30 days from the date of addition. E.g.: if you have received points in the month of 1st September 2016, then same will expire in 1st October 2016.
  • Loyalty points are redeemable only against products, vouchers or services as listed in the KhelPlay Rummy Loyalty program.
  • Fulfillment of redemption requests against products/vouchers featured in the KhelPlay Rummy loyalty program are subject to product/ voucher availability.
  • KhelPlay Rummy reserves the right to substitute products in the event of non-availability of any item/s without any prior notice to the players of loyalty program.
  • KhelPlay Rummy shall send the redeemed products/Vouchers at the registered address of the player as on the date of redemption. Player shall be solely responsible for ensuring accurate address & contact numbers registered with their KhelPlay Rummy account.
  • Moreover, KhelPlay Rummy cannot be held responsible for non-receipt of redeemed items/vouchers due to of incorrect/not complete address and contact numbers maintained by the player on his KhelPlay Rummy Account.
  • KhelPlay Rummy shall do an “address specific” (and not “consignee specific”) shipping of redeemed items/ KhelPlay Rummy Vouchers. The Player shall be solely responsible for ensuring that concerned people at his residence/office are kept informed. KhelPlay Rummy will not be responsible for non-receipt of redeemed products due to deliveries received by any other individual at the registered address other than the player.
  • In the event of products damaged during transit OR wrong product sent OR difference in request & product received, you must write to us at within 7 days of receipt of damaged gift item/voucher. KhelPlay Rummy will not pick-up or replace the products, if concern is raised after the stipulated 7 day period nor will it look into any disputes from the customer after 7 days of receipt of the items redeemed.
  • If the product is found to be tampered/ damaged by the by player, KhelPlay Rummy has the right to refuse acceptance of defective merchandise. If any arising defect arises out of the product or during usage, the player is required to contact the manufacture of the specific product and not KhelPlay Rummy.
  • Color & Features of final product are subject to change basis availability.
  • KhelPlay Rummy will not be responsible for products or vouchers stolen, damaged or lost in transit before delivery to the Player.
  • In the event of un-avoidable circumstances, Players shall not claim refund for any loss due to late delivery/ non-receipt of products.
  • Merchandise once ordered cannot be exchanged for some other merchandise within the loyalty program. Also, Merchandise once ordered cannot be returned/ exchanged unless the merchandise delivered is found defective.
  • We request you to allow 7 working days for delivery of Merchandise
  • Disputes if any shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Mumbai only.

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