Loyalty Terms and Conditions

Welcome to KhelPlay Rummy Rewards – KhelPlay Loyalty Points Program, a unique player rewards program from KhelPlay Rummy.

Earn Loyalty Points

Earn 100 Loyalty Points for every `150 Rake you generate while playing Khelplay Rummy real cash games.

As you earn Loyalty Points, you will reach higher Loyalty Club Levels and gain extra bonuses.

Reward Levels and Level Upgrades

As you earn Loyalty Points, your Reward Level gets automatically upgraded to the next Level based on the table below.

Club Name Entry Points Maintenance Points Tier Bonus % Grace period
Bronze All Free Player 0 0 0
Silver First Deposit 0 Default 30 Days
Gold 1,500 1,275 2% 30 Days
Diamond 7,500 6,375 3% 30 Days
Platinum 15,000 12,750 4% 30 Days

Player can now redeem Loyalty Points to claim “Bonus Chips” at KhelPlay Rummy. Player can redeem Loyalty Points once they reach Platinum Club.

For every 5,00,000 Loyalty Points you earn in the current 30-day cycle, you can redeem 25,000 Loyalty Points for `500 Cash (up to `2,000)*

*For Platinum players, Loyalty Points redemption bonus will be released immediately.
*Redeeming Loyalty Points will not affect player's current Loyalty Club Status.

Terms and Conditions:

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