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We at KhelPlay Rummy constantly strive to provide card game players with the best of online gaming. Now, in addition to playing rummy game from PC, a player can download rummy app for Android and iOS (iphone and ipad) and start playing the Rummy games on the go.

Download KhelPlay Rummy App on Your Mobile

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  • Download App Khelplay Rummy Khelplay Rummy
KhelPlay Rummy App Features:

You can get rummy games free download or the Rummy App from KhelPlay Rummy easily and experience the same feel as playing rummy game on PC. The Rummy app replicates the experience of playing on PC, seamlessly and is perfect for players who are always on the go. There are certain key features of this app that makes it a truly novel rummy app to download:

  • Play unlimited free rummy games
  • Play Cash games on Rummy
  • Play on iOS and Android devices
  • Automated KYC verification of your documents
  • Easy deposits and Quick and fast Automated Withdraws
  • Simple and user-friendly UI & UX.
  • Different Avatar to choose from.
  • Live Chat Support
  • Transition from Computer to Smartphone/Tab game seamlessly.

After you download the Rummy Game app, you will be able to play the following variations of traditional Rummy with players across India.

Pool Rummy: One of the most played rummy variations is pool rummy and once you download the rummy app for your android or iOS device, you can play 101 and 201 pool rummy game via your mobile app.

Points Rummy: The beauty of points rummy is that the money is transferred to players account after every deal/game and that is why every game is full of excitement. If you are in a rush and have limited time, you should definitely try points rummy as it’s quick and you can stop playing even after 1 game.

Deal Rummy: Best of 2, Best of 3 or Best of 6 deals rummy is a game for people who love to play fast and enjoy the thrill to complete a game within a stipulated number of rounds. If you are always on the go, you should look at playing Deals rummy game via your mobile app.

Without a doubt the future of gaming is expected to be on mobile apps that are available to play on 24x7. If you are looking for a quick way to play a Rummy game then look no further, download the KhelPlay Rummy Game app and start playing Rummy to win cash.

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