Subbu Rummy Gyaan Contest


Subbu Rummy Gyaan Contest – Share your Rummy Tip/Trick and win Rs. 200 Cash Card if we like it

Hey Friends, this is Subbu, the Rummy Ka Appa, and I am proudly presenting “Subbu Rummy Gyaan Contest” in the Platinum Week (22nd to 28th August, 2016) of our 4th Anniversary Celebrations!

I will post my Rummy Tip/Trick of the Day and invite you to share your Tip/Trick for winning Rummy Games and Tournaments. You can win a Rs. 200 KhelPlay Rummy Cash Card if we like your Tip/Trick!

Here’s my Tip/Trick for the Day:

“Don’t wait too long for a particular Card to complete your pending Set or Sequence. This could prove costly, always be alert and try to shuffle your Cards into other Sequences to win the Game.”

How was that? Now, it’s your turn to share your Tip/Trick to win a Rs. 200 Cash Card. Click on the button below.

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