Triple Welcome


Like an echo which reverts back what you give, the KhelPlay Rummy first deposit just does that, it gives you 100% bonus upto Rs.500.

But that's not all, the reverberating effect of an echo can be fully lived this September, as you get 100% bonus (upto Rs.500) for your second and third deposit too.

Terms of Triple Welcome

The below given table shows you how you can earn upto Rs.1500 in your first three deposit at KhelPlay Rummy:

Sr.No First Deposit Bonus Availed
1 Rs. 500 Rs. 500 (100%)
2 Rs. 1000 Upto Rs. 500 (100%)
3 Rs. 1000 Upto Rs. 500 (100%)

The 'first deposit bonus' will be distributed to the players in equal parts as shown in the table below.

Each part will be credited into the player's account with a subsequent 10 times of the bonus portion, as shown below:

Bonus Distribution Wager Amount Bonus Credited
1st Rs. 750 Rs. 50
2nd Rs. 750 Rs. 50
3rd Rs. 750 Rs. 50
4th Rs. 750 Rs. 50
5th Rs. 750 Rs. 50
6th Rs. 750 Rs. 50
7th Rs. 750 Rs. 50
8th Rs. 750 Rs. 50
9th Rs. 750 Rs. 50
10th Rs. 750 Rs. 50

All parts of the bonus needs to be claimed within 15 days of the purchase date. The bonus amount would be considered nil and void after 15 days.

Only one account per person is permitted on In case, the site detects multiple accounts of the same player then the entire bonus of each account would discredit and nullified.


Please Note A Player who request a Withdrawal of the amount without rational game play may be required to pay a processing fee of 3.5% of the amount claimed. This would be done at management's discretion.

* Management has the right to modify or withdraw this offer at any time without giving any prior information.