VIP Status Match

VIP Status Match
VIP Status Match

VIP Status Match – Unlock VIP Benefits from Day 1

Already a VIP on another Rummy Site?

We will match your VIP status on KhelPlay Rummy. All you need to do is show us proof of your VIP status and once we confirm the proof, we will unlock the VIP benefits for you right from day 1.

For providing us proof, just email us a screenshot of your VIP status on the other Rummy Site on

Once you start enjoying our VIP benefits, you will have to play at the same level as you play on the other Site for a period of 7 days failing which we will discontinue the VIP benefits. If you play at the VIP level for 30 days, we will continue to offer the VIP benefits for 30 more days and this cycle will continue if you keep playing at the same level.

For more information about our VIP Clubs and their benefits, click below:

*Terms & Conditions of KhelPlay Rummy and its Privacy Policy are applicable for all VIPs.

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