KPL (KhelPlayers Premier League)

KPL (KhelPlayers Premier League)
KPL (KhelPlayers Premier League)
Rank User Name Prize
1 rahulpawar1**** Rs. 300000
2 mani0**** Rs. 100000
3 rumzyplayer**** Rs. 50000
4 saisakth**** Rs. 25000
5 rahemk**** Rs. 7500
6 shankar0**** Rs. 7500
7 dayagup**** Rs. 7500
8 ppjj**** Rs. 7500
9 Rameshbhas**** Rs. 7500
10 hajeepaiy**** Rs. 7500
Remaining 491 players won from Rs. 3,37,999

KPL (KhelPlayers Premier League) - Win Cash Prizes from Rs. 14 LAKHS!

Now you can get a piece of action of the world’s most popular Cricket League sitting right at home on the Rummy platform that you love the most! Brace yourselves for your own Rummy Premier League - the KPL (KhelPlayers Premier League) on KhelPlay Rummy!

From 19 September to 10 November, KhelPlayers from across India would get a chance to compete against each other in the KPL and win from Rs. 14 LAKHS*!

Criteria for winning Finale Tickets:
1. Players have to play at least 20 Qualifiers, and
2. Players have to predict* winners of the Cricket Match (that’s played on the day when they play the Qualifier) in the Cricket League and get at least 50% of their predictions right
*Players can make their predictions either on a banner that they will get before joining a Qualifier or by taking a Survey that will be sent to them through SMS/Push/Email.

KPL Tournaments
Dates KPL Tournaments Time Entry Max. No. of Participants No. of Winners Prizes
19 Sep to 8 Nov, 2020 Daily Qualifier Tournaments 1:35 PM Rs. 20 500 50 Rs. 10,000*
10 Nov, 2020 FINALE 1:35 PM Ticket or Rs. 1,000 1,000 500 Rs. 9,00,000* GTD (1st Prize: Rs. 3,00,000)
Dates 19 Sep to 8 Nov, 2020
KPL Tournaments Daily Qualifier Tournaments
Time 1:35 PM
Entry Rs. 20
Max. No. of Participants 500
No. of Winners 50
Prizes Rs. 10,000*
Dates 10 Nov, 2020
KPL Tournaments FINALE
Time 1:35 PM
Entry Ticket or Rs. 1,000
Max. No. of Participants 1,000
No. of Winners 500
Prizes Rs. 9,00,000* GTD (1st Prize: Rs. 3,00,000)
Total Prize Amount for KPL Qualifier Tournaments Rs. 5,00,000*
Total Prize Amount for KPL Finale Tournaments Rs. 9,00,000*
Total KPL Prize Amount Rs. 14,00,000*
Terms and Conditions:

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